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We are elevating the classic Sloppy Joe to a whole new level of delicious, with premium ingredients and flavor fusions that make each an artisan style creation.
At Hungry Jack’s Foodtruck, we’re committed to using the freshest quality ingredients in all original recipes to tantalize your taste buds. Sure, you could go for the basic Sloppy Joe (The Average Joe) with sloppy sauce, or go a little crazy and live a little with one of our signature sloppy creations. But that’s not all. Hungry Jack extends its sloppy talented hands to some serious Hot Dogs made up of 100% angus beef, hand crafted bread and a handful of Sloppy Sides such as dill pickles, coleslaw, homemade potato salad and more! Oh, and we’ve also got Sloppy Joe’s in a cup or topping an all beef hot dog. What we’re saying is, you’ve got options, Hungry Jack is available to deliver. Book us to “Get Sloppy” at your next event, in the best way of course.

“Tasty food, served from a sturdy van.”

It was an real incredible experience for me. The quality of food was only matched by the quality of service I got. I wish I can keep the flavor in my mouth for ever. Thanks for making the evening an unforgettable one.
Karin van Leeuwen

Life should taste as good as a sloppy joe!

A Sloppy Joe is a sandwich consisting of ground beef or pork, onions, tomato sauce or ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and other seasonings, served on a hamburger bun. The dish originated in the United States during the early 20th century.


I dig you, you dig me. We dig each other that’s groovy, oh yeah.

What drives us

The Hungry Jack men are passionate about cooking. Their world consists of cooking and preparing food. After several years behind the stoves, they stepped into the world of rolling kitchens. Their dream came true. With their converted 1980 Mercedes 207D they drive around town and country and serve the tastiest dishes. Born with a love for burgers, the chefs developed the perfect burger byte: The Sloppy Joe!

Many guests have already been introduced to the heavenly dishes of Hungry Jack. At festivals such as RRRollend, Bumperkluiven, WooHah !, Roadburn, De Smaakkaravaan, Festyland, Daydream, Fields of Joy and Barrio Cantina, the enthusiastic crew of Hungry Jack knew many hearts to conquer. Not so difficult when you realize that we have the “tastiest” crew on the street food landscape :-).

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Our Sloppy Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of Sloppies is to visit our foodtruck. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing toppings to satisfy your palate.

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